When should I do my pre-wedding shoot?

We will recommend couples to complete their pre-wedding shoot no later than 3 - 4 months before their wedding day.

How long does it take to receive the edited photos?

You can expect the delivery of soft copy photos within 6 weeks from the photography session. For packages that include prints, please allow another 3 - 4 weeks for the delivery of physical items.

How many photos will I receive from the photography session?

We do not limit the number of photos returned. As a general guide, the number of photos returned will be about 40-80 photos per hour. The final quantity will depend very much on your wedding schedule and the flow of events. E.g. more activities will naturally result in more photos.

What are the ''edited photos''? Is Photoshop editing included?

All photos returned will be processed and they undergo basic editing (e.g. adjustment for contrast, brightness, colour effect, etc).

Further Photoshop editing (e.g. retouching/ removal of facial blemishes, slimming, smoothen skin, etc) will be available at an additional cost.

Photos that you've seen in my portfolio have only gone through the basic editing and this is the photo effect you may expect.

Some packages come with the fine art prints and complimentary montage. What are they?

Fine art prints are a type of premium paper used by many professionals. At Knotties Frame, we care about the process as well as the end products you will be receiving. As such, we would love to get your hands on some of the highest quality prints which you can proudly display at your wedding. View some samples here:

The pre-wedding montage is a compilation of the pre-wedding photos. You may view a sample here:

Does the duration include travelling time?

Duration listed in the packages include travelling time and any outfit changes. As such, we do recommend choosing locations that are within close proximity.

I'm interested in both the light painting and setup photos. Do I have to choose one or can I have both elements?

All packages consisting of our Signature Night photography will automatically include both elements - light painting and a setup.

How early do I have to make a pre-wedding and actual day booking with Knotties Frame?

For pre-wedding shoot, please make the booking no later than 3 months before your preferred shoot period. Of course, we will recommend that you reach out to us early so that we have ample time to prepare for the shoot.

For actual day, we accept bookings around 1 year in advance.

I'm keen to work with Knotties Frame! How do I make a booking?

Please kindly reach out to us via email with your choice of photography package(s) as well as the details of your pre-wedding/ actual day. We will advise you on the booking instructions.

Upon booking confirmation, we will arrange a chat to run through the shoot details together. (:

What are the payment terms?

An initial 50% payment will be required to confirm the package(s) and reserve the session/ wedding date(s). The balance will be due upon the shoot completion.

What payment modes do you accept? Do the prices include GST?

We accept PayNow and online bank transfer. All prices listed are nett.