Our Inspiration

Hello There!

We are Wan Jing (photographer) and Zack (light painting artist). Just like you and your beloved, there are many shared moments - the love, hugs, laughter and tears - that we hold dear to our hearts. We perceive photos as a return ticket to moments that would otherwise be lost forever and we want to preserve these memories of yours in the most natural and light-hearted way which you can look back on fondly in years to come!

Signature Night Photography

Not to mention, we do things a little differently - we specialise in night photography where we use artistic lighting methods to create magical moments. We have come a long way in fine-tuning our skills and experimenting with various styles. Most of all, you will be happy to know that we are constantly exploring new ideas and techniques to ensure you're always seeing the best! If you're already thinking of an out-of-ordinary photography session, you've probably just landed yourself on the correct page! (:

A Little More About Us

Besides our deep passion for photography, we're a pair of adventurous souls. We love travelling to lesser-known destinations, exploring relatively unseen places in Singapore, experiencing extreme sports, having outdoor cooking... and the list goes on! And, not forgetting to capture our very own moments together with our trusty cameras! ;)