Our Inspiration

Our inspiration comes from the simple, humble-looking knot. A knot binds strings together with a force beyond what its size seems to offer. Similarly, photography to us is more than just capturing moments in life - it brings people closer and forges a stronger bond through physical imprints of memories.

About Us

Hi! We are Wan Jing (photographer) and Zack (light-painter), a couple team. At Knotties Frame, we do things a little differently as we engage in night photography. Our specialty lies in using creative lighting methods for our night shoots to create magical moments. We have come a long way in fine-tuning our skills and experimenting with various styles. Most of all, you will be happy to know that we are constantly exploring new styles & techniques to ensure you're always seeing the best! We are flexible with different styles and open to new ideas. If you're already thinking of an out-of-ordinary photography session, you've probably just landed yourself on the correct page! (: