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/ our inspiration /

Our inspiration comes from the simple, humble-looking knot.

A knot binds strings together with a force beyond what its size seems to offer. Similarly, photography to us is more than just capturing moments in life - it brings people closer and forges a stronger bond through physical imprints of memories.




Wan Jing & Zack




/ about us /

Wan Jing (Photographer) | Zack (Light Painter) 

We are a couple team specialising in wedding photography. At Knotties Frame, we do things a little differently as we engage in night photography frequently. Our specialty lies in using creative lighting methods for our night shoots to create magical moments. We take pride in our night photos as we have come a long way in fine-tuning our skills and experimenting with various styles. Most of all, you will be happy to know that we are constantly exploring new styles & techniques to ensure you're always seeing the best!

We are flexible with different styles and open to all ideas. If you're already thinking of an out-of-ordinary photo shoot, you've probably just landed yourself on the correct page! (:




/ what we do /

Our services include:

casual couple photography
pre-wedding photography
signature night (casual couple & pre-wedding) photography
friends/ graduation photography

We are also exploring other areas such as product and interior photography, and are open to any collaboration opportunities.

Drop us a message at or click here to get in touch with us! (:




a little more about us~

Besides our deep passion for photography, we're a pair of adventurous souls. We love travelling to exotic destinations, exploring relatively unseen places in Singapore, experiencing extreme sports, having outdoor cooking... and the list goes on! And, not forgetting take photos together! ;)





/our partners/

Your wedding is a big affair and usually involves the help of many. Here, we work closely with various talented vendors who will be able to cater to all your wedding needs. Find out more information here.